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Joe Vulpis


Joseph Vulpis, also known as @Ughitsjoe, is an American filmmaker/content creator. He has grown a large online presence and films videos with his friends 3x week on his youtube channel. His guests feature Josh Peck, David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Brandon Rogers, Jeff Wittek, Marlon Webb, Vincent Marcus, and The Gabbie Show to name a few. Joseph also helps David Dobrik with his vlog and has taken part on a weekly guest spot on the top 10 rated "VIEWS Podcast" with David Dobrik and Jason Nash.

Joe has created The Teeny Weeny Podcast and works continuously to grow his presence on all platforms of social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and up and coming apps like Cheez and Vigo Video. Joe works every day creating both content for himself and filming content for others like Laura Clery, David Dobrik, Josh Peck, Brandon Rogers, and many other heavy hitters of the social media world.

Joe is frequently spotted with his dog and furry side kick @sadbobbie. Acting as Bobbie California's Creative Director, Joe and Bobbie's content have amassed millions of likes and grown to over 100k followers in less than a month of starting Bobbie's account.